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Vision -  What we will become.


Halme Inc. will be recognized in Eastern South Dakota for creating and maintaining fair and equitable long-term relationships with employees, clients, professional advisors, subcontractors, and suppliers.



Mission Statement  -  How we will get there.


  • Growth in our market area through professionalism and fairness.

  • Build a reputation for top quality work and excellent value.

  • Create a workplace for employees that is fair, equitable, and a safe place they can retire from.

  • Employee growth through proper training, opportunities, and responsibilities.

  • Continual communication with employees and clients to ensure that there is clarity and encourage new ideas in our operations.

  • Continual improvement of our business practices.

  • Professionalism in every context.

  • Embrace new technology in our business.

  • Financial success by setting and measuring modest benchmarks with focus on managing projects thoroughly and maintaining fair prices.

Our Vision and Mission

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