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Jeff Halme, President of Halme Inc., started in the construction industry in 1994 with his father, Steve Halme, in the Spokane, Washington area, under the name of Halme Construction.

Halme Construction started out with a $15,000 dollar equipment loan and a great will to work.  In the early days, with a backhoe and a dozer, they performed residential site work for homeowners and other construction builders.  In 1996, they bid, and were awarded, their first public project to build a single span bridge for a local county.  The project went well, and they continued expanding into infrastructure projects in the Spokane area.  They built multiple bridges, constructed many miles of county roads and city streets, installed miles of city water distribution and transmission lines, city sewers and storm sewer construction, waste water treatment plants and facilities, private developments, commercial site work, and large dirt moving projects.

As president of Halme Construction, Jeff Halme led the company to an annual revenue of $13 million, and led 45 employees.

Halme Construction established a reputation in the industry as a professional, fair, and honest company.  They strive to build lasting relationships with employees, clients, professional advisors, subcontractors, and suppliers. The relationship with employees is the key to success of the company, and still is today.  Halme Constructions' goal is that all employees are given the opportunity to make their career with the company a lasting relationship and also retire from the company.

In 2014, Jeff Halme met a beautiful South Dakota farmer, Anita Hilliard, who was widowed in 2008.  They decided to get married and live in the great state of South Dakota.  Jeff decided to sell his shares in Halme Construction to his father and younger brothers, who are carrying on with the excellent company, which was established together over the years.

Jeff and Anita have now started Halme Inc., here in Bryant, SD.  They have build a company in this area that has the same goals and values of Halme Construction.  They have been performing public and private insfrastructure jobs since July of 2014, and have built relationships with multiple engineers, clients, and subcontractors.

South Dakota is a great place to operate a business and we look forward to years of building relationships with the incredible people of South Dakota.

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